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Careerwize recently released its new revolutionary and interactive way to learn the art of medical coding. This course will revolutionize how medical coding is learned forever. Trust me, I know something about medical coding. After hiring over 10,000 medical coders over the past two decades and seeing where many of those medical coders struggled to meet the demands of their new career.

Careerwize is the solution to the challenges that have affected all the other approaches to learning Medical Coding. What makes Careerwize so different is in part due to the high-quality content that is always updated with the latest coding changes. We get right to what a medical coder needs, based on years of experience doing coding. We present this content on the most unique state-of-the-art learning management system (LMS) technology ever built.

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The Careerwize LMS allows our students to learn and retain complex medical concepts in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Students learn in a fraction of the time of other courses. Our students find the technology so engaging that learning becomes fun and engaging and thus effective. To illustrate ... do you have any idea how many high school and college students fail anatomy? Anatomy is one of the most dreaded courses on campus! Why? Because learning anatomy requires memorization and root word association, in Latin no less. Anatomy is truly, learning a new language, the language of healthcare. It is an essential part of becoming a proficient Medical Coder. The Careerwize anatomy module, like the other eight modules included in the medical coding course make it fun and interactive to remember and associate all the key terms you will learn. It engages all of the brain-based learning pathways and won't let you forget what you are learning.

You can check out this learning method for yourself by going to www.careerwize.com/technology. Here you will learn more about why this interactive learning technology is so unique and effective. On top of all that, Careerwize courses are completely cloud-based, interactive and gamified and you can take any of the courses from a mobile device. That’s right, take our courses from your smart phone (iOS or android), tablet, PC or Mac ... it is true mobile learning, something you won’t find with any other course out there.

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The CareerWize Coding Course is a powerful program, both in what it teaches and how it teaches it. Learn key skills and techniques to become a professional medical coder – and enjoy every step while you do!

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This top tier Hospital-Based Coding Program includes all courses, code books, reference tools, and student & testing services necessary to be trained in the field of Inpatient Medical Coding. It includes the proprietary CareerWize Coding Practicum, Test Prep Tool, and Practice Test. Students also receive CareerWize’s unique Graduate Support Package.

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This top tier Physician-Based Coding Program includes all courses, code books, reference tools, and student & testing services necessary to be trained in the field of Outpatient Medical Coding. It includes the proprietary CareerWize Coding Practicum, Test Prep Tool, and Practice Test. Premier students also receive CareerWize’s unique Graduate Support Package.

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Chartwize™ is a unique one-of-a-kind coding tool inside our coding program that contains thousands of real-life redacted clinical records that have been fully coded and explained by dozens of National Coding experts across more than 12 medical specialties. These practice records are one of the unique differences available ONLY to Careerwize Students and why our Students learn so effectively. Gain valuable coding experience available in no other way while you learn the art of Medical Coding. This is one of the many unique advantages to starting your career at Careerwize.

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Meet the Team

David Jensen, earned an MBA from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah after a BS in Accounting and career as a CPA. A serial entrepreneur, and most recently Founder and CEO of Aviacode, a cloud-based medical coding technology company and leading provider of medical coding, auditing and clinical documentation improvement (CDI). David managed all aspects of Aviacode, including hiring thousands of certified medical coders, certified auditors and clinical documentation specialists. David raise $30MM in growth capital for the company while managing the companies growth over 15 years. Soon after stepping down as Aviacode’s CEO, David met Andrea and Gene at a providential lunch meeting and it was there that they decided to continue helping people through quality education. “I am so excited to see our disruptive educational technology and high-quality content make a difference in peoples lives”, said David. David and his wife live in beautiful Heber Valley and love spending time with their four children and their families and friends.
Andrea Anaya was Founder of Career Step, LLC, a leading medical transcription and medical coding education company back in 1992. Andrea’s company trained over 100,000 students in the fields of Medical Transcription and Medical Coding. Andrea sold Career Step in 2009 and has since, co-developed with her Husband Gene, a new Learning and Content Management System (LMS/CMS) with state-of-the-art gamification technology, including, video, sound, animation, and multiple learning interactions to support brain-based learning. This company, known as Learning Interactive Technology, and branded Dynactive, started in 2010. Andrea was a finalist in 2007 for the Regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and won the award in 2009. Andrea is passionate about education and creating accessible, outcome-based, fun learning programs to bless the lives of people through education in a variety of industries. Andrea lives in Salem, Utah. She loves spending time with her husband, four children, and two grandchildren, and gets to Alaska whenever she can.
Gene Anaya received his Bachelor of Science from Stanford University in 1990. He went back to the Farm, earning a Masters Degree in Computer Science at Stanford in 1995. He worked at Sun Microsystems for several years providing enhanced security by building and maintaining electronic Firewalls. In 2003 he made a full-time move to Career Step, where he served as Chief Technology Officer where he architected and developed a highly interactive Learning Management System (LMS) for Career Step. His great loves are technology, software development and genealogy. Gene. Is also lead architect for Learning Interactive Technologies, a leading software development company. Gene lives with his family in Salem, Utah. At least when he isn’t fishing in Alaska.

David Jensen [ CEO, Co-Founder ]



Andrea L. Anaya [ President ]



Gene Anaya [ Chief Technology Officer ]


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